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 A happy bride is an organized bride. 

Start your wedding planning:

Why should I plan my wedding?

You must plan your marriage to determine all the items necessary for a wedding, to organize yourself financially, and to hire the service providers in due time.

When should I start planning?

Planning should start as soon as possible, as soon as the marriage decision is made, ideally up to one year in advance. See the step-by-step below.

  1.  Choosing the date​

When choosing the date it is important to consider two things: urgency and money.


  •  Urgency

Unfortunately, life is a cannon of surprises that shoots when we least expect it. And therefore, sometimes it is not possible to wait. In this case it is important to be open to sacrifices. It will not be possible to have all the items in the list or the perfect location or even the desired budget. But that doesn't mean that the wedding can't be special. For that, the list of priorities will be the greatest ally of a bride. Make a list of the three things that are most important to you, among all the others. It could be the dress, the cake and the honeymoon, for example. It is better to have an incomplete wedding with exceptional details, than a complete wedding without anything special.

  • Money

If time is not your enemy, money will almost always be. This can cause the date to be postponed for many, many months if we do not have a good savings plan, or leave us in debt after the marriage. And just between us, the party is just the beginning of the debts that a married life brings, so it is not prudent that nobody loses their head for just one day. Yes, you've dreamed your whole life with that day. Yes, the latest trends tempt you to postpone your plans to buy the land at Matola for a few years. But is it all worth it? After all, what is the true meaning of your marriage? This reflection must be made before you sell your organs to feed the cousins ​​of the comadres of the neighbors. But how do you know how much money it takes to make a wedding? This question is answered in the following steps.


2. Investigate the market

Well, with inflation these days, it is impossible to estimate an accurate figure from data a year ago. So go to the street. Start by investigating what are generally the three biggest burdens of a wedding: venue, the buffet and the drinks. This list may increase or change according to each one, but these three are usually items that are common to all weddings and give little room for alternatives. Ask for budgets in several places, talk to acquaintances, research. If you go to a wedding, ask the bride and groom a little later (after the honeymoon and if you have enough intimacy) how much they spent for the wedding and whether they can share the budget plan. It's never too much to ask.

3. Make a budget

Once you have determined the three items described above, add 30% to the rest of the things, or 50% if you include the honeymoon. In general, this calculation will give an overestimated value, which is always good because of the unforeseen. Despite being an estimate, having a goal helps us walk the path. And that's it, you can choose the date.

 4. Make a calendar

Once you have the date set, the best thing to do is to organize all the tasks to be done in your schedule by then. See our plans for 6, 8 and 12 months. It is very important that you set dates for each task in advance, so that nothing is forgotten or for the last hour.


5. Choose a theme

The next step in planning the wedding after organizing the calendar should be the choice of the theme. This step will make it easier to make all the decisions thereafter. The theme is a way for the bride and groom to express their personalities to the guests and to provide harmony for all the items that make up a wedding. But above all, it is a filter for decisions that could be much more difficult without it.

6. Hiring

When we buy services to a wedding, it is very important that we also sign contracts, instead of just relying on words. This point is very necessary and at the same time not practiced ehough in our environment sufficiently. It may seem exaggerated but believe me, many embarrassments, misunderstandings and headaches can be avoided if there is clear description of the products that are to be offered. At the time of the hiring, you will not see the need to do this, because whoever is selling the services will do everything to gain your trust. They will be extremely nice, friendly and very professional. But do not get carried away by promises alone. It's amazing what people can do for money. Do not forget that your wedding is a business to them and that no one gives as much importance as you. Whenever possible, check the products in person (not in photos), before making any commitment. Ask to see the decor set up at a wedding, require cake and food tastings, do a make-up and hairstyle test. Also, ask for recommendations. Discover the fame that the service has in the market. Do not leave the surprise for the wedding day as it may not be positive.

7. Delegate

If you are a control-freak, this will be the hardest point. But believe me, assigning tasks to other people can be very beneficial. This is the stage where you pass the responsibility of all issues to someone until the "D" day. It is essential that people who are responsible, dynamic and share the same interests with the bride are chosen. Usually parents, maid of honor and bestman, close uncles, brothers and bride's maids take up these roles. After all the signed contracts, it is important that, some time before the day, you look for the service providers to see if everything is going as planned. There needs to be communication between these people and the bride so that everyone is on the same page and there are no misunderstandings. A Whatsapp group usually does this role well. If any problem occurs, these people should be able to mobilize themselves to resolve the issue promptly, consulting the bride of course, but without involving her too much. At this stage, if something goes wrong, it is difficult to achieve equally satisfactory solutions and this can increase the stress of the bride and groom. That is why it is very important that this team functions as a support platform and offer solutions for the bride and groom.

8. The big day

The big day is here, congratulations! The worst has gone. You will hear things like "this will be the happiest day of your life", "today is the day that you will be the most beautiful woman". And believe me, it's all true. It will be a super special day and you will shine! All eyes will be on you both at all times and you will receive a thousand kisses or more. And do you know why? Because everyone will see love in the air and happiness in the union of the new couple. A wedding is the celebration of love. More than a legal act, what makes the bride glow is not the bride's white dress or the crystals in the center of the table. What makes a special wedding is the happiness in the bride's smile, the look full of love in the groom's eyes, the tears in the mother's eyes, the nervousness in the father's posture, the happiness of the family to be fulfilling a collective desire to celebrate the love and continuity of the generation. What will really be in the minds of the guests after the wedding is how much fun they have.

Few will remember the color of the decor and no one will remember the music during the cake cut. All to say that the details are good, but in fact they do not matter. So instead of being worried about things that did not go exactly as you wanted it, it's best to relax and have fun. After all, it's only once in a lifetime, presumably.