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Being a bride in Mozambique is not easy!


For some reasons. First, being a bride by itself is not easy and that's fact. There is so much preparation, costs, it's a big event and like every big event, it requires a lot of work. Most brides have the wedding day as the fulfillment of a dream of many years, often since childhood. So there is a lot of anxiety around that day, so that everything is perfect. But in addition, being a bride in Mozambique is more "aggravating". The first reason is the number of guests. It is almost impossible to make a small wedding and as much as the bride and groom don't see the need to invite the distant uncles they barely know, the parents insist on bringing the whole family and a few more to the party. The result is the huge cost that is often sacrificed from the decor or honeymoon that the couple wanted so much. Another difficulty as a Mozambican bride or even a Mozambican in general is access to services. If the marriage is in Maputo this difficulty is reduced exponentially, but it still exists. Often you do not even know where to start looking for various suppliers and services, there is no way to compare all the prices in the market, and the result is more frustration and waste of time. Nobody is satisfied because the bride doesn't find what she wants and the provider does not find her bride. It is difficult at times to understand that the problem is not in the lack market, but in the visibility and communication with the consumer. Market exists for everyone! Inside this context the website Noiva-choque was created. It will not solve all the problems that a bride has ( which are a lot, have I said that !?), but any help is helpful! Above all, marriage is a ritual of celebration of love ... and is there anything more important than Love?

With love,

Noiva-choque team